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Journey Following

Journey Following

There once was a person who listens to their friends and family for 10 years, only to be miserable out then because that person was not doing what they were truly called to do. When they finally disregarded what their family so, all the while getting told that he was stupid buys friends and family, this person was able to enjoy their life the way that they actually wanted to and actually had family members coming to live with him because he was so successful. If this person words to listen to their family and follow they did, they will get the same results that they did and still not be treated that will because their lifestyle will not be awesome to their family. If there entire families live in the same, there’s nothing special about you and you just got added into the mix. However, because he decided to stray and make something for himself, he was able to achieve a life his parents, his siblings, or his cousins could achieve. Why spend your life doing something that will make you miserable? You need to learn what your purpose is, and spend your time doing things that take you there instead of spending your time listening to others, so you can “buy things with money you do not have, to buy things you do not need in order to impress people you do not care about.”

Join us on our journey to perfection: Jesus.