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Contact us by email, although we have a phone here!

Contact us by email, although we have a phone here!

Your favorite things to do or someone else’s business. When you want to go out to eat with a friend, is the restaurant sitting there eating with you, or is the restaurant serving you because it is their business? The same thing applies when you want to go watch your favorite basketball team. The basketball players are not sitting in the crowd either. The basketball players are in the business of entertaining you!


This is our business. Our business is to teach you about the old in life, so that you can move forward and have an amazing life. The last thing you want to do is wake up and realize that you wasted your day, because you will not be able to get that time back. After all, when you decide to contact us at We have been in this business for years, and we have many, many people who constantly email us to thank us for all the help we have provided to them over the years.


Inglis Antiques is here for you, and you can email us for the best service! Inglis Antiques is the premier business necessary to help you on your drive and your mission to financial freedom, personal success, and service to God!